1 Pair ZOOM HB-875 Hydraulic Disc Brake Set For MTB

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Model: HB-875
Front:750mm right control front
Rear: 1350mm left control rear
Material: 6061 Aluminum alloy T6 Quenching
Feature: Two-way braking, One shape cylinder, Suit for A and B column.



Material: Aluminum alloy

Size: Hose length: Front 750mm, rear 1350mm Weight: 620g
Durability High-strength CNC machined aluminum brake. While it has a luxurious design, it also has excellent durability.
Integrated design

The handle and brake are designed as an integrated unit for easy installation and high safety.
Brake distance adjustment system

The grip distance of the brake can be adjusted well by adjusting the screws, so find a case that suits your own feel.

When installing, remove the yellow blocker and do not operate the brake. There is a risk of oil leakage and disposal of the oil disc. Please be careful.


Package Included: 

1 Pair Brake ( Color as your choice )