165mm 190mm 200mm Mountain Bike Rear Shock MTB Rear Shock Absorbers Adjustable Damping/Air Pressure Lock Out

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1. 3 adjustable system: damping, compression lock out(not completely locked) and air pressure adjustment.
2. This air pressure shock is much lighter than coil shock.
3. Precisely CNC machined to ensure no air leaking.
4. Damper shaft: Hard chrome processing.
5. Shock body: Dark hard-anodized AL-6061.
6. Top/bottom inner diameter: 12mm.
7. Air valve angle: 30°

1. Product name Bike shock absorber
2. Materials Aluminum alloy
3. Top/bottom inner diameter


4. Air valve angle


5. Shock body Dark hard-anodized AL-6061
6. Damper shaft

Hard chrome processing

7. Weight 279g(165mm), 302g(190MM), 307g(190MM)
8. Eye to eye x travel 165x35mm(6.50x1.38in) / 190x50mm(7.48x1.97in) / 200x55mm(7.87x2.16in) (optional)
9. Suitable for  MTB