48v - 72v Sabvoton 150A Controller With LCD Display 8000w

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Sabvoton SVMC programmable sinewave motor controller works with high efficiency, less noise & lower energy consumption,
which makes your electric vehicles or electric motorcycles more comfortable and easier to control.

Our designed friendly interface for the programmable motor controller allows you set the parameters, conduct the tests and obtain the diagnostic info easily.

UKC1 Color display
180° Rotation
USB port
5 PAS levels
Battery indicatior
Error Code
General Spec: Sabvoton 72v 150a electric bike controller sine wave system with programmable connector To PC 
1. power supply: 72V MAX DC current 150A / Max phase current 350A
2. Product Size: 243x146x62mm
3. Net Weight: 4.2 kgs
4. Testing way: Hall sensor