48v - 72v Sabvoton 200A Sinewave Controller Kit

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Sabvoton SVMC72200 72v 200A sine wave controller for QS BLDC Motors


It's special design for QS brushless motor controller for Conversion Kits, which can match with QS HUB MOTOR or other BLDC motors


One kits including:

1x 48-72v Sabvoton controller

1x UKC1 lcd display with USB
1x 1T4 Waterproof Cable
1x Waterproof Twist Throttle
1x Pair waterproof brake levers


Key Features


1). Cost-effective

2). It can match with almost brushless BLDC motor

3). Programmable

4). Sine wave without noise, silence during the usage    

Product description
General SPEC:

1). sine wave controller, programmable, with regen function                 

2). DC Current Limit: 200A

3). Max. Phase Current: 450A        

4). Protect Phase Current: 550A                        

5). Battery Voltage: 24V-72V rated, Max. 95V

6). Thermic Probe: KTY83-122                                                                

7). Including one controller + USB convertor cable + matched plug                

8). controller size: 283mm*147mm*62mm                                   

9). Net weight: 3.5kg                                                                          

10). Including bluetooth adapter.

11). Default function: Hall, Throttle, Electric Lock, High Brake Level, Temp sensor, 0-5v e-brake, three speed Button, Hall speedometer, Reverse, curise.

12). Special functions: Waterproof, Anti-theft