Full-E Charged Brake Disc Guard 200mm

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Elevate your offroad experience with our sleek brake disc guards! Designed to provide maximum protection for your rear brake discs while adding a dash of style, our guards are a must-have for any offroad enthusiast.

Choose from three vibrant colors – Red, Black, Purple, Green, Orange, Blue, Gold and Silver – to match your ride's unique personality and ensure your ride stands out.

They fit seamlessly onto models using the OEM 200mm bolts. No need for complicated setups; just attach and go!

These guards are engineered to withstand the toughest offroad conditions, shielding your brake discs from rocks, debris, and more. Plus, their eye-catching design ensures your ride looks great while staying protected.

So, whether you're tackling challenging trails or simply want to enhance your offroad aesthetics, our brake disc guards have you covered. Elevate your offroad adventures today with a perfect blend of style and performance!

Manufacturer Model
Surron Light Bee [SRLGB]
Talaria Sting Offroad [TL3000]
Sting R Road Legal [TL50]
Sting R [TL4000]
Sting Road Legal [TL45]
X3 MX [TL2500]
X3 Road Legal [TL25]