Surron Upgraded Motor

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This motor has been manufactured to give you incredible torque and power, without suffering from all of the issues eg: motor bearings , overheating & poor quality build 

The motor has been designed to be a plug and play option in the Sur-Ron & Segway’s very easy to fit with basic knowledge using the same cabling and also the same Sur-Ron display or ASI BAC Display.


    Motor Specifications


    • Colour - Black
    • Plug & Play bolt on

    • 7 Pole 
    • 60nm Peak torque with a BAC4000 higher with a BAC8000
    • Thick 4 awg phase wires 

    • Thicker internal windings 
    • Magnets are imbedded into axle IPSM (not screwed and glued like stock
    • Waterproof phase wires 




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