Phaserunner L10

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Phaserunner with stainless steel sheel and 60cm long integrated phase lead with over-molded locking 10-pin L10 connector

This new V3 model uses the 8 pin waterproof CA plug to mate with the CA3-WP device instead of the original 6-pin JST plug, if you have an original CA3-DP or CA3-DPS you will need to also get the JST adapter

Must be setup with via a computer to mate and configure with a given motor if they are not purchased together, and this requires the USB

TTL communications cable if you don't already have that.

LL10 Particulars

The only additional wire on the Phaserunner_L10 is the motor cable, which is 52cm long and terminated with the female L1019 plug for a rugged connection to Grin motors that use this connector standard