Sherlock Tracker

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How it works

1. Hide it

Install the device into the handlebars of your bike

2. Lock it

Activate Sherlock when you park your bike

3. Track it

In case of theft, track your bike and get it back

Tech Specs

08 Icona GPS-Glonass

GPS/Glonass module

Precise localization anywhere in Europe and USA


Long lasting battery

7 days battery life on a single charge (average use)

08 Icona SIM bis

No SIM card required

With 2 years of Internet connection included

08 Icona Bluetooth

Bluetooth Smart

Short-range communication with the mobile app

08 Icona Acceler

Motion Sensor

Immediately detects any bike movement

08 Icona GSM

GSM/GPRS module

Quad-band cellular connection