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The eBike Mod Shed version of the ASI BAC8000 is the only full featured controller system with the Dashboard Display app and also compatible with other displays such as the Egg Rider v2. Our kit is also the ONLY version that is compatible with hall as well as encoder motors or any current and future motor plus regen brake lever! The Dashboard is a full featured vehicle dashboard interface that also assists the user in tuning and configuring every aspect of the vehicle including tuning, diagnostic, telemetry and dyno capabilities. This is a hassle free ready to run Plug and Play Kit. eBike Mod Shed tunes and programs the controller with the most enabled features on the market.  

Surron/Segway/Emoto controller upgrade (Full Kit)

Includes the highly anticipated DASHBOARD tuner, diagnostic and dyno app. 

- Includes True Fin Heatsink for BAC8000 (Black)

- Includes Regen Brake Thumb throttle

- Motor temperature shut down heat protection 

- Easy Plug and Play Foot Brake feature enabled (foot brake sold separately) 

- The most "Flush" and "Safest" mounting system in the market with NO side gaps.

- The highest mounted controller system, avoiding water, mud, dirt and debris from accumulating on the controller inputs. 

- Can easily hot swap in seconds between different batteries with the app, for example easily swap between 60 volt and 72 volt batteries and back down. 

- Includes plug and play harness

- Includes motor phase extended cables 

The safest BAC mounting system in the market. Our custom programming and harness avoids criss crossing the high temperature controller and motor phase wires with the custom harness and thus avoids the potential of any short circuits. All other kit providers leave large gaps after the installation, crossing harness with phase wires and creating the potential for an electrical short circuit. 

This kit is also great for ; 

Motorcycle gas to electric conversions or full E builds 

Quad and ATV gas to electric conversions or full E builds 

Pedicabs and tourist industry vehicles 

Golf Kart electric vehicle builds and conversions 

Quad and ATV electric vehicle builds and conversions

Racing Electric Go Kart Builds 

Nom. Voltage 36 - 72V Volts
Peak Current 840 A-DC
Auto Tuning Yes
Sensorless Start Adaptive
IP Rating IPx5 (with fully populated connectors)
QC Verification 100% EOL Test under load
Additional Available Protocols TTL 485, Bluetooth, LIN, CAN
60 Day Warranty Provided. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Will installing this kit void my warranty?

Yes, installing this kit would (we suggest) void the warranty on your SurRon Light Bee Battery, if it is still under a warranty period.

Which should I get the BAC4000 or the BAC8000?

The BAC4000 is perfect for the 60v SurRon BMS Bypassed upgrade. The BAC8000 60v Upgrade is specifically designed for people who plan to invest in a 72v Battery, down the track, perhaps after their 60v battery dies. This means – that they do not have to upgrade their ASI controller again when they upgrade batteries, and all they need to pay for is an additional 72 V custom tune to receive the Stage 2 Upgrade Kit.

Can I install this kit myself?

You can purchase the kit without installation however without a battery bypass, upgrading the controller to an ASI Controller alone will not significantly increase your power. eBike Mod Shed is not responsible for any damage you do to your bike due to incorrect installation. If you are going to install it yourself, we recommend getting at least the battery bypass done by a professional.

Will this decrease the life of my battery?

Yes, installing this upgrade kit will decrease the life of your battery. It depends on a lot of factors exactly how much this will decrease the life of your battery, e.g. age and health of the battery before the bypass, correct maintenance and care for the battery after the bypass, etc.

How much power can I expect to get from this upgrade?

We have a stable tune which gives you 7.2kW on stock bypassed battery. This is a (75-90%) increase in power. With this upgrade you get significantly more torque and acceleration at the rear wheel, and your max top speed will depend on the rear sprocket size you are running (i.e. 42-62 teeth are possible)


* eBike Mod Shed Limited does not accept liability for any DIY Battery bypasses or installations on any of our ASI controller upgrades for SurRon’s or Talaria’s. We recommend that you get our kits installed at our workshop by professional.

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