SurRon ASI BAC8000

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ASI BAC8000 Controller Setup and specially tuned for SurRon.

ASI plug and play Harness with custom made cable extensions to fit controller better on Frame.

Custom made Mounting brackets for the BAC8000.

Replacement Display Screen suitable for upgrade

BMS bypass completed on your stock SurRon 60V battery.   

Price does not include freight on battery. If you are not bringing the bike to us at our eBike Mod Shed Workshop, please contact us directly to organise freight. 

In stock – Us at eBike Mod Shed for full details.

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eBike Mod Shed accepts no liability for any DIY Battery Bypasses or installations of our range of ASI and SurRon Modifications, although we supply all fixings and fitting instructions with our kits, we do not recommend that you install the equipment yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will installing this kit void my warranty?

Yes, installing this kit would (we suggest) void the warranty on your SurRon Light Bee Battery, if it is still under a warranty period.

What is the difference between the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Upgrade Kits?

The key difference between the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Power Upgrades is which battery you are using or going to use in your Light Bee. The Stage 1 Upgrade is designed to work with a BMS bypassed 60v SurRon Battery, and can work with either a BAC4000 or a BAC8000. The Stage 2 Upgrade is designed to work with a 72v SurRon Battery is best paired with the BAC8000.

Which should I get the BAC4000 or the BAC8000?

The BAC4000 is perfect for the 60v SurRon BMS Bypassed upgrade. The BAC8000 60v Upgrade is specifically designed for people who plan to invest in a 72v Battery, down the track, perhaps after their 60v battery dies. This means – that they do not have to upgrade their ASI controller again when they upgrade batteries, and all they need to pay for is an additional 72 V custom tune to receive the Stage 2 Upgrade Kit.

Can I install this kit myself?

You can purchase the kit without installation however without a battery bypass, upgrading the controller to an ASI Controller alone will not significantly increase your power. eBike Mod Shed is not responsible for any damage you do to your bike due to incorrect installation. If you are going to install it yourself, we recommend getting at least the battery bypass done by a professional.

Will this decrease the life of my battery?

Yes, installing this upgrade kit will decrease the life of your battery. It depends on a lot of factors exactly how much this will decrease the life of your battery, e.g. age and health of the battery before the bypass, correct maintenance and care for the battery after the bypass, etc.

How much power can I expect to get from this upgrade?

We have a stable Stage 1 tune which gives you somewhere between 7.5kW and 8kW. This is a (75-90%) increase in power. With this upgrade you get significantly more torque and acceleration at the rear wheel, and your max top speed will depend on the rear sprocket size you are running (i.e. 42-62 teeth are possible)

The Stage 2 tune gives you approximately 14.5kW. This is a (175-300%) increase in power. With this upgrade you get almost twice as much torque and acceleration at the rear wheel as the stage 1 kit, and your max top speed will depend on the rear sprocket size you are running ( ie 42-62 teeth are possible)

I do not live near an SurRon Mod Shop Supplier can I still do the upgrade?

Although it may be significantly easier for us to do the installation work upgrade your Light bee. You can do the installation yourself we do provide detailed instructions. You may wish for us to do the BMS bypass and we can arrange to freight your SurRon battery to us, and then and you the complete kit sent back for your installation. This will result in extra freight costs but you will save on installation of course.

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