SurRon Regen Rear Braking

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Custom rear hydraulic with regen / electronic brake pedal for Sur Ron. Hydraulic master cylinder activates rear brake (replacing hand-operated master cylinder) and position sensor can control motor regen or ASI BAC or Sin-Tech motor controllers (not compatible with stock Sur-Ron motor controller).  Due to clearance issues, the front-most peg position is not available.

Bike Requirements

– Master cylinder uses only dot4/dot5.1 brake fluid and is incompatible with brakes that use mineral oil such as stock brakes. We recommend Hope Tech V4 calipers. Included with the kit is 10mm to 6×1.0mm female banjo fitting for connection hydraulic brake line.

– Regen function requires an aftermarket motor controller with analog regen input.  Please check with the company that provided the upgrade kit for compatibility.  The output connector is a 3 pin female Higo connector (same as Bafang 3 pin throttle).

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