High Discharge QS8 6awg Power Cable Kit

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Want more efficient power without connectors melting or discharge wire heating up???

The QS8 with 6awg wire is where you need to be. The QS8 connectors are anti spark so you have a piece of mind if your forget to switch your breaker off you will not weld the connectors together.

Using the QS8 connector with 6awg will give you more reliable safe power.

Other vendors promote that this is a breaker delete option which we personally do NOT agree with as you risk damaging your controller due to in rush current. We highly advise you keep your breaker or upgrade it with a breaker that has an higher amp tolerance. 

All kits come with the female connector which you can retrofit to your existing battery. We offer a service which you can send your battery an we’ll fit the female side onto your battery for £60 and return it via Parcelforce or DPD 

eBike Mod Shed Limited is NOT liable in any way if you cause damage or harm to yourself or your battery by fitting this kit. eBike Mod Limited highly recommends you getting the female side of the QS8 connector fitted to your battery via an reputable source that has electrical experience.